Dangerous driving

This is a lower intermediate level activity.

I was cycling to work on Monday when a car nearly   –  knocked pressed pulled kicked  me over. I nearly fell off my bicycle. I followed the car. It could not go   –  suddenly carefully quickly slowly  because there were many other cars. Then I was behind it. I banged on the roof. Suddenly, I saw the   –  letters word write title  Police on the side of the car. The passenger, a policeman, got out. ‘What are you doing?’ he said. ‘The driver   –  nearly slowly carefully quietly  knocked me over!’ I said. ‘You’re police officers. You   –  might should shall would  drive more carefully!’ The policeman took out his notebook. He   –  want wants wanted wanting  to take my name and address. He wanted me to go to the police station. Then the driver said, ‘Sorry. I didn’t see you. It was my   –  mistake mistakes mistaken mistaking  ‘ I thanked him and said, ‘May I   –  cycling went go ride  now?