Modern Humans

By about 30,000 years ago, modern humans had spread to almost all parts of the world. They were almost exactly the same as people of today,   –  so with although since  a little shorter.

These people lived mainly by hunting. They caught antelope, rabbits, pigs, elephants, birds and   –  other another some all  animals.

Some of the animals they killed were   –  quite always anyway surprise  large. This shows that the people must have lived in large groups and worked   –  along anyway together fast  . The people in the groups probably had leaders.

The work of the men and the women was   –  little bit probably immediately some  very different. The men hunted and built places to live in. They made tools. The women prepared food and looked after the children. They made clay pots and used skins to make   –  cloth clothe clothes clothed  . Living in large groups helped their language to develop. People started to make paintings on the walls of caves at this   –  age  year life time  . Most of the paintings show animals and hunting scenes. They also made carved   –  object objects objections objectives  out of bone and stone.