Presentations in the classroom

Students on many types of courses need to develop presentation skills so that they can confidently deliver briefings to a group audience. For some students, having presntational skills is vital to the course they are undertaking. For many, the presentation is a means to an end – a way of demonstrating their understanding of a topic in an interesting way that involves other students. For all students, the ability to present effectively shows that they can integrate a widde range of communication skills.

TESOL teachers are often called upon to provide organized activities so that student can develop their confidence in speaking not just with their teacher or on a one-to-one basis, but to larger group audiences.

Effective presentations depend on a careful mix of written and spoken English and body language, cultural sensitivity, the preparation of audio-visual and other materials and the appropriate handling of questions.

These pages provide suggestions about what makes for a good presentation and provides tips on what English teachers can do to develop presentation skills in their students.